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Our equipment for the food industry meets the European quality level and is designed for a long service life.

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The equipment is easy to use, clean and maintain, ensuring minimal downtime. Machines work, your business earns.

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About Us

Answering the global demand for cost-effective, high-durability & quality food processing machines

Based in Latvia and founded by Alistar Europe Ltd in 2008, Kronitek is a specialised brand division focused on the manufacturing of high-performance processing machines and their reliable distribution to customers worldwide.

Originally founded to serve local food production companies, we began exporting to the European Union, USA, Australia, Canada, and Asia in 2012 due to national success and the evident demand for our products. As our clientele expanded, so did our capability to increase technological output and achieve state-of-the-art products that rival even the biggest names in the industry.

Today, the sole purpose of our company is to give food producers the option of achieving more for less — in the form of high-performance processing machines that meet every standard of quality while remaining affordable and sustainable in service of high-end products and high-capacity needs.

Kronitek has, and always will be, a practical and simplified solution to food production — with easy-to-install machines safeguarded by low-maintenance costs and built with 90% or more of standardized, high-quality parts. Unlike so many of our competitors, Kronitek’s machines can be repaired locally using readily available, cost-effective, and standard global parts and equipment. They are also uniquely designed to achieve compact and efficient placement in a wide-variety of production settings from manufacturing plants to restaurants and more.

About us

Kronitek’s innovation has grown alongside a global demand for fresh, healthy, and fermented foods, which typically require powerful and high-performance food processing solutions with diverse features. Our machines offer personalised configurations for a wide-variety of food types and production needs, with high-quality modular units that can be combined into a line of multiple functions while reducing your production footprint and increasing product capacity.  


Thanks to our focus on standardized parts, designs, and maximum product service life, Kronitek products are a top choice for companies seeking to integrate functions within existing production lines or for highly efficient and standalone operations. 


Kronitek encourages long-term partnerships thanks to our active customer service and trademark product excellence delivered via extensive industry feedback and technical support. In 2016, we began offering production area and equipment layout planning services provided by expert food technologists and engineers to our global partners. All of our food processing machines are fully tested in-house and meet ISO standards while continuously evolving to match the most advanced technological capabilities in the industry.

About us

How we work

  1. Determining customer’s needs
  2. If we can fulfill customer’s requirements, we send an offer
  3. Work out the details
  4. Partial payment and manufacturing of equipment
  5. Second payment and dispatching of equipment
  6. Remote technical support when setting up equipment (for the installation of lines and more complex equipment, we arrange the arrival of a technical specialist at the factory)
  7. Warranty service
Vegetable and fruit slicing machines with raw material feeding line