Industrial equipment for transportation and reception of fruits and vegetables​

Kronitek produces machines for professional use, such as Vegetable Processing Machines, Transporters, Mixing, Filling and Packing Machines.

Contact us to find the right machine for your restaurant, delivery service, canteen, supermarket, food factory, production and processing. If necessary, we manufacture or customize machines for specific products, vegetables or fruits. We will find the best option for high performance equipment for industrial use.

Hydraulic Box Tipper

The tipper for jumbo boxes is used for emptying pallets with maximum base dimensions of 100 cm x 120 cm, 100 cm high and with max. weight of 700 kg.

The machine has a high-class hydraulic power unit, what allows for remote (wired) controlling of boxes lifting and lowering and mesh shields for user safety. The tipper can operate in 3 directions in relation to the hopper: straight-ahead, to the right and to the left.

Who it suits.Vegetable and fruits processing companies

Ideal for transporting. Vegetable, Potatoes, Carrots, Fruits, Apples, Pears, etc.

Receiving Hopper

This hopper is used for receiving goods from jumbo boxes. Optionally, it is possible to purchase an inverter for the hopper belt adjustment and a 6-roller soil separator driven with an independent motor (which also may be equipped with an inverter).

Soil separator, in a standard version, has a fixed span; it may be optionally adjusted in the range 10-70 mm – then each roller has its own motor and speed may be adjusted in two ways: the whole unit by means of one inverter or alternate rollers by means of 2 inverters.

Who it suits.Vegetable and fruits processing companies

Ideal for transporting. Vegetable, Potatoes, Carrots, Fruits, Apples, Pears, etc.

Vegetables after peeling in a vegetable peeling machine

Commercial transportation and reception machines that can run a better business

Kronitek equipment allows to process almost many fruits and vegetables: potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, apples, etc.

We help food producers and processors modernize and improve their processes. The machines we make can make business better – less wasteful, more efficient and more profitable. For example, the benefits for your production:

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Kronitek Equipment

In our company, you can buy professional commercial equipment for transportation and sorting of fruits and vegetables. All products are certified. They show themselves well in operation and do not require unnecessary investments. Their service life is several years. Delivery of orders is carried out all over the world. Get more information from the managers by phone or by filling out the feedback form.

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With a personalized approach and commitment to our customers, we work as a team and solve even complex problems in the industrial grocery industry. We proudly create commercial fruit and vegetable machines that help businesses earn and expand. In addition, we provide support throughout the life of our equipment.

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Vegetable and fruit slicing machines with raw material feeding line

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