Services and Warranty


In order to make equipment installation and commissioning smoother, we have cooperated with the technical specialist and provide recommendations that should be taken into account when commissioning the equipment.

In case of customer requirements, we offer the participation of our masters in the process of connecting and starting the equipment.

The equipment is prepared in such a way that it is possible to start the installation without our technical specialist. The equipment is relatively simple and can be built by experienced mechanics and electricians. In many cases, it is only necessary to adjust the stem and connect to the mains.


Appropriate care and supervision of the equipment is required to ensure the long-term and continuous operation of the equipment.

Spare parts

90% of the spare parts are standard and can be found in Europe, America and Australia. It lets you significantly save service costs that in other cases tends to be very high.
For equipment that goes for export, we can offer you a set of spare parts for 2 years. It is possible to send them to you by express mail.

We keep most of the parts in stock. In cooperation with the customer, we calculate which parts it would be desirable for the customer to keep in stock in production so that the parts can be optimally replaced if necessary.

If the equipment is made especially for the customer with specific parameters, then in most cases it is recommended to keep the parts in stock so that, if necessary, the operation can be resumed as quickly as possible.

To order spare parts or arrange a consultation with a technical specialist, contact us