Equipment (machines) for processing pet food

We offer safe pet food processing equipment, from precision dicing/slicing, mixing and preparing to dehydrating pet treats.

Commercial pet food processing equipment (machines)

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Benefits for your Pet business

Our machines process not only vegetables, fruits and food for humans, but also for pets. Our commercial equipment can process raw materials for wet food, dry food, create material for chew sticks, cured meat treats, meat sticks, dog bones, cat treats and other pet food products.

Kronitek professional electric machines slice, chop, blend, and process pet food in such a way that pets don’t have to miss out on all the flavor of the food. Likewise, you don’t have to miss out on the quality of these foods. Contact us to find the right machine for your animal business. If necessary, we make electric machines for slicing and processing specific products, vegetables or fruits, to obtain finished products of different sizes. We will select the best option of high performance equipment for industrial use.

Slicing / Grinding / Dicing / Cutting Machines

Cut raw materials into different pieces, from strips, to cubes, and process pet food and meat products to high quality standards.

Equipment for washing / cleaning / polishing

High quality vegetable and fruit washing and peeling equipment for pet food production for a shorter and more efficient process.

Mixing machines

When mixing pet food, the equipment mixes the ingredients gently and efficiently to ensure that the quality of the food is not compromised.

Dehydration machines

Commercial pet food processing equipment (machines)
Commercial pet food processing equipment (machines)
Commercial pet food processing equipment (machines)

Industrial pet food processing machines that can make businesses more profitable

Specialty pet foods are products designed to meet the nutritional needs of animals. Consumer demands combined with new technologies have made the pet food industry complex and competitive. Kronitek’s industrial pet food processing equipment enables pet food manufacturers to improve their processes, increase product yields and improve quality. Our equipment helps pet food producers at all stages of production: dicing, cutting, shredding, grating, washing and polishing. We offer your business equipment for the efficient production of safe and high quality wet, dry, fresh, frozen, raw or canned cat and dog food. Here, for example, are the benefits for your production:

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