Commercial machines for shredding and processing cabbage

Equipment, machines and automated cabbage processing lines are often used in food processing plants. Lines consist of several units, which sequentially perform individual operations within a single production cycle. The technological process, including certain processing steps, may vary depending on the type of cabbage (white cabbage, sauerkraut, lettuce, etc.) and the properties of the end product. We manufacture several types of industrial cabbage shredders to meet any needs of your business.

Industrial cabbage processing machines that can run a better business

Kronitek equipment allows to process many vegetables and fruits: cabbage, sauerkraut, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, apples, etc. We produce high quality equipment for industrial processing of different kinds of cabbage, on the basis of which you can create an automated line or deliver as a separate machine. Models available for purchase meet modern European quality standards.

We help food producers and processors modernize and improve their processes. The machines we manufacture make business better – less wasteful, more efficient and more profitable. Here are the benefits for your production, for example:

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Who our cabbage shredding and cutting equipment is suitable for

Every establishment is unique. Our machines are used by fast food restaurant, cafeteria, take-away restaurant or food delivery, catering companies, vegetable canneries, private companies, and entrepreneurs. Our machines are suitable for every small to medium-sized catering and food processing business.

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Equipment for Supermarkets, stores, canteens producing read -to eat foods


Supermarkets, stores, canteens producing ready-to-eat foods

Equipment for Restaurant chains, cafes, pizzerias and meal delivery services


Restaurant chains, cafes, pizzerias and meal delivery services

Equipment for Canteens, self-service​ and cafes with a self-checkout system


Canteens, self-service and cafes with a self-checkout system

Equipment for Hospitals, hotels, schools, universities and other organizations

Centralized kitchen

Hospitals, hotels, schools, universities and other organizations

Professional cabbage shredding and processing line in action

The video shows Vegetable Processing Line S55​. This is an extremely powerful cabbage processing machine with a compact footprint and maximum efficiency. The machine has a capacity of 2,000 to 3,500 kg/h, which ensures high productivity for processors.

Professional equipment for cabbage processing

The category of cabbage processing equipment includes:

  1. Loaders of cabbage from crates of different volumes and “big bags” into the processing line;
    Sorting and inspection tables. Representing a product flow conveyor, equipped with workstations for operators-sorting;
  2. Washing systems. They remove foreign material from the product by applying several laminar streams of water without damaging the leaves;
  3. Sprouts and drills (destalker). They are used to remove the core from the cabbage and for segmental cutting of broccoli and cauliflower.
  4. Auto-feeding of raw materials is done with the help of a conveyor;
  5. Industrial slicers. Devices for cutting products into segments of a given thickness. The disc versions of the slicers provide dry slicing that does not require water;
  6. Modular transport system. We are designed to move the product flow along the processing line.

Only part of the above devices can be used to assemble the cabbage processing line. Therefore, the production technology determines the number and duration of individual stages and the composition of the equipment involved.

Advantages of automated cabbage processing line equipment

Before industrial methods of cabbage processing were used, the process was characterized by high labor costs, leading to an increase in the price of the finished product. Automated production means made it possible to achieve:

  • Increased processing efficiency and quality indicators of the finished product;
  • Reduction of production costs and retail prices;
  • Reduced labor costs.

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In our catalog, you will find high-quality equipment for industrial processing of different cabbage varieties, based on which you can create an automated line. The models available for purchase meet modern quality standards. If you have any questions regarding the technical characteristics of the equipment, please get in touch with our manager for additional advice.

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With a personalized approach and commitment to our customers, we work as a team and solve even complex problems in the industrial grocery industry. We proudly create commercial fruit and vegetable machines that help businesses earn and expand. In addition, we provide support throughout the life of our equipment.

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Vegetable and fruit slicing machines with raw material feeding line

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