Hydraulic Box Tipper

The tipper for jumbo boxes is used for emptying pallets with maximum base dimensions of 100 cm x 120 cm, 100 cm high and with max. weight of 700 kg.

The machine has a high-class hydraulic power unit, what allows for remote (wired) controlling of boxes lifting and lowering and mesh shields for user safety. The tipper can operate in 3 directions in relation to the hopper: straight-ahead, to the right and to the left.

Hydraulic Box Tipper for Jumbo Boxes Pallets
Hydraulic Box Tipper for Jumbo Boxes Pallets
Hydraulic Box Tipper for Jumbo Boxes Pallets

Technical information

Productivity approx25 cycles/h
Nominal lifting capacity 1800 kg
L/W/H 240x260x180 cm
Weight1300 kg
Installed power 3 kW/ 7.5 A
Power supply 3x380V+N+PE pin 5x16A
Basic equipment:Wired control panel (4 m long wire)
Safety shields

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Hydraulic Box Tipper for Jumbo Boxes Pallets

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