Commercial Potato Processing Machines

All operations for the primary processing of potatoes and vegetables can be mechanized. However, the degree of mechanization of these processes depends on the capabilities of the enterprise. We can help with this.

Kronitek offers modern, high-performance large and soap machines and lines for potato and root crop processing in various designs and modifications with a full service package. Each technological line or separate equipment is selected individually depending on: the technical specification, available space, product specifications and required productivity. Our company manufactures machines that perform the full cycle of potato processing: washing, cleaning, peeling, processing, slicing, grating, packaging.

Industrial potato processing machines to help you run a more profitable business

Kronitek equipment allows to process many fruits and vegetables: potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, apples, etc. We help food producers and processors to modernize and improve their processes. We can close the need for equipment related to washing, cleaning, polishing, processing, slicing and packing potatoes. With our machines you can create a complete cycle of production and processing of fruits and vegetables. The equipment we make can make a better business – less wasteful, more efficient and more profitable. Here are, for example, the benefits for your production:

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Who our potato processing machinery are suitable for

Every establishment is unique. Our machines are used by fast food restaurant, cafeteria, pizzeria, take-away restaurant or food delivery, catering companies, canneries, vegetable canneries, private companies, and entrepreneurs. In addition, we produce machines for mixing loose products such as tea, herbs, spices, etc. Our machines are suitable for every small to medium-sized catering and food processing business.

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Equipment for Supermarkets, stores, canteens producing read -to eat foods


Supermarkets, stores, canteens producing ready-to-eat foods

Equipment for Restaurant chains, cafes, pizzerias and meal delivery services


Restaurant chains, cafes, pizzerias and meal delivery services

Equipment for Canteens, self-service​ and cafes with a self-checkout system


Canteens, self-service and cafes with a self-checkout system

Equipment for Hospitals, hotels, schools, universities and other organizations

Centralized kitchen

Hospitals, hotels, schools, universities and other organizations

Professional potato peeler and polish machines in action

The video shows Washing Peeling Machine WPM-500. It can peel the raw materials with hard brush or only polish the raw material with soft brush. This machine is widely used in circular, oval-shaped fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrot, potato, sweet potato, and other root potato vegetables washing.

Advantages of equipment for potato processing from the manufacturer

The processing of potatoes and vegetables requires the labor of catering workers. The use of machines allows to mechanize up to 70% of operations for processing potatoes and vegetables, gives excellent economic effect, increases labor productivity by 6-10 times, releases a large number of workers, increases the mechanization of labor.

Development and production of vegetable and potato processing equipment is the main direction of Kronitek development. We produce high-quality commercial potato processing machines. Our range includes potato peelers, vegetable peelers, vegetable cutters, shredders, potato washers, conveyors, and much more. Our equipment for potato processing is suitable for the production of vegetable salads, vacuum-packed vegetables, canned vegetables, soups, semi-finished products. In addition, our machines are used by catering companies, canneries, vegetable canneries, private companies, and entrepreneurs.

Why choose our vegetable processing machinery

With a personalized approach and commitment to our customers, we work as a team and solve even complex problems in the industrial grocery industry. We proudly create commercial fruit and vegetable machines that help businesses earn and expand. In addition, we provide support throughout the life of our equipment.

In our company, you can buy professional equipment for carrot washing, cleaning, cutting, as well as mixers, industrial juicers, and other equipment. All goods are certified. They show themselves well in operation and do not require unnecessary investments. Their service life is several years. Delivery of orders is carried out all over the world. Get more information from managers by phone or by filling out the feedback form.

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Vegetable and fruit slicing machines with raw material feeding line

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