Commercial Potato Peeler Machine

The industrial knife potato peeler KPM-400​ can finely peel your potatoes within 2-5 minutes flat. The machine is designed to deliver a uniform distribution of peeling action, getting you more consistency and less waste as a result. 

Commercial Vegetable Peeler KPM400
Commercial Vegetable Peeler KPM400
Commercial Vegetable Peeler KPM400

General features

Working quickly and accurately with minimum waste, these three basic features are incorporated in our knife potato peeler KPM-400, the peeler that allows you to finely peel your potatoes in only two minutes.

The special design of the peeling blades and baffles ensures a uniform distribution of the peeling action over the entire surface of the product, resulting in less waste. Skins are instantly disposed of by a water jet and collected in a filter to prevent floor drain from jamming. At the end of work, the peeling disc and filter are easily removed and cleaned for improved hygiene: an important aspect which, combined with fast operation and reliability makes KPM-400 and indispensable peeling unit for modern food processing.

Potato peeler video

Industrial Electric Equipment - Vegetable Peeling Manufacturer

If you need a water-powered potato peeler capable of peeling pounds of finished product per minute, Kronitek can help you find the best solution. Our automatic electric commercial potato peeling machines quickly handle the tasks of grinding, washing, cleaning and preparing food raw materials according to your production needs.

Our commercial potato peelers are suitable for any small to medium-sized catering and food service operation – fast food restaurant, cafeteria, pizzeria, canteen, supermarket, take-away restaurant, food delivery. Our equipment will quickly become one of your favorite tools in production!

Technical information

Power Supply220/380V 3phase 1.0kW
Dimensions1100L x 1140W x 1380H (mm)
Capacity250 – 400 kg/h
Load per one timemaximum - 40kg
Peeling cycle2min-2.5min
Weight loss20-25 %


• Lifting equipment and operators on receiving
• Unloading of equipment
• Clearance of installation site
• Electrical, Pneumatic , Water or steam supply to the system
• Storage of equipment and consequential movement to the
instalation site
• Any civil work

A shipment from Latvia,Europe shall be made within 50 days after clarification of all technical and commercial details and after receipt of written order as well as receipt of the down payment according to our payment terms. A delay in payment can cause a delay in delivery.

50% in advance payment on order , 7 days after date of invoice, 50% before delivery, upon notification of readiness for shipment.

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Commercial Vegetable Peeler KPM400

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