Receiving Hopper

This hopper is used for receiving goods from jumbo boxes. Optionally, it is possible to purchase an inverter for the hopper belt adjustment and a 6-roller soil separator driven with an independent motor (which also may be equipped with an inverter).

Soil separator, in a standard version, has a fixed span; it may be optionally adjusted in the range 10-70 mm – then each roller has its own motor and speed may be adjusted in two ways: the whole unit by means of one inverter or alternate rollers by means of 2 inverters. It is possible to adjust a separator angle mechanically in the hopper. The hopper height may be adjusted by means of ejected lugs, in the range 96-130 cm (height at the belt exit from the hopper). It is possible to position the tipper in any direction towards the hopper: from one of the sides or straight-ahead.

Receiving Hopper
Receiving Hopper
Receiving Hopper

Technical information

Container capacity 1.5 m3
50 cm wide belt,
5 cm high dogs
L/W/H 305x215x190 cm
Weight 600 kg
Installed power 1.5 kW
Power supply 3x380V

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Receiving Hopper

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