Vegetable Peeling Machine

Our PM-1000 potato peeler is designed for cleaning and polishing foods. Commercial abrasive or brushed potato peeler The machine is low-maintenance and provides the user with the best polishing or peeling results.

Vegetable Peeling Machine PM-1000
Vegetable Peeling Machine PM-1000
Vegetable Peeling Machine PM-1000

Benefits and features

The PM-1000 commercial abrasive or brush potato peeler is a low maintenance machine that gives the user their best polishing or peeling results. Vegetable skins are instantly disposed of thanks to a water jet. Waste goes in a separate filter to prevent the floor drain from jamming during usage.

When you combine this ease-of-use with a powerful set of functionality, you’ve got yourself one very powerful vegetable peeling machine.


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Vegetable Peeling Machine PM-1000

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Vegetable Peeling Machine PM-1000

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