Our best food processing equipment for Startups

Economical machines for fruit and vegetable processing for fast profitability in your business

Food processing equipment for startups

Invest, don't buy​

Benefits for your business

We can give you a quick return on investment thanks to our expertise in reducing losses and increasing the efficiency of your production processes in fruit and vegetable processing.

Invest in your food processing business. Reduce your production costs up to 3-5 times.

All stainless steel

All parts of the equipment that come in contact with food are made of quality stainless steel.


The machines are made of high-quality components. All components, such as the reliable motor and drive, have a warranty.

Low capital cost

Most of our customers recoup their investment in equipment within 6-12 months.

Reliable Machines

The equipment is easy to use, clean and maintain, ensuring minimal downtime. Machines work, your business earns.

One person

You don’t need a staff of people to cut, grate, wash vegetables, fruit, grate cheese. One person can manage the entire process

Customer Service

We are there when you need us. We guarantee prompt consultations and help with all your questions.

Best multifunctional processing machine

Food Processing Machine S40

An incredibly powerful yet compact food processor that can be used to efficiently and effectively chop, slice and grate various fruits and vegetables. It can handle from 500 kg to 1500 kg per hour, which allows you to take vegetable processing to a new level.

commercial vegetable shredder machine

Best multifunctional mixer machine

Industrial Food Mixer 100L

The 100 liter industrial food mixer is a well-designed drum rotated by a 1.5 kW inverter motor. The mixer is ideal for gently mixing sensitive products. The drum itself is made entirely of stainless steel and is well suited for sauerkraut, coleslaw, meat, sandwich fillings, potato salad, fruit and vegetable mixes, dips, dairy products and mixing powders.

food drum mixer

Best multifunctional washing / peeling machine

Washing Peeling Machine WPM500

The WPM-500 vegetable washing and peeling machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or as an integral part of a longer processing line.

Vegetable, root washer & polisher is made by absorbing the domestic and foreign processing characteristic of root potato kind’s vegetables. It can peel the raw materials with hard brush or only polish (do not peel) the raw material with soft brush. This machine is widely used in circular, oval-shaped fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrot, potato, sweet potato, and other root potato vegetables washing.

potato washing and peeling machine

The essence of our business is value, not price

Why do we work with us


We are an equipment manufacturer


We monitor quality at all stages


We deliver equipment all over the world

You ask, we answer

We answer the most frequent questions about our equipment

In the beginning, we ask about your business and desired product results. Based on experience, we can advise about equipment and attachments to receive the desired outcome, as in most cases, machines are used in similar industries. Finally, we offer to make samples of your product and record them for you.

We offer delivery of equipment mainly by air, and for the economical option by sea. If the delivery is to Europe or the UK, it is mostly by truck directly to the desired location.

We have 2 various types of motors: 1) For Europe we have a motor with a power of 220-400 V / 50 Hz. The plugs are central European ones, while it is possible to add also transformer so that it fits to your country electrical cables straight away. 2) For USA we have motor with power of 110 V / 210 / 60 HzV that would fit.

We have special motors that are created for the US needs for usage of 110 V / 60 Hz electricity consumption.

Most times, machines are made after an order is completed. About production and delivery time, please, contact our project managers.

We keep 90% spare parts in stock to be sent to customers in the shortest time. Machines are made durable and straightforward can be serviced by qualified local masters. Most spare parts are standard and can be bought locally, significantly saving money and time.

Local tax and customs, if required at all, are not included in the quotation. Also, in most international deliveries, transport is calculated until the airport or seaport; as for local deliveries, prices can vary from time to time. We also offer the option of clearing customs and local delivery for our customers.

To clarify about local distributors, please get in touch with our sales team at sales@kronitek.com.

If you ordered and see that some parts are not required for your process or need different ones, please let us know we will replace discs or other attachments free of charge, excluding delivery.

Machines are simple to connect, and qualified electricians can do that, and also we offer video assistance in connecting the machine.

We'll find the best option

Invest in your food processing business.

Contact us, we will tell you all the details.